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Lindsey Fausnaugh RD, LD

Licensed Registered Dietitian

Lindsey Fausnaugh nutrition expert

Hello! I am Lindsey Fausnaugh a licensed registered dietitian. Thyme To Get Healthy is my nutrition counseling business that provides convenient virtual nutrition sessions. I work with individuals who desire wellness and want to improve their health through a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity. I help my clients focus on how to ADD nourishing foods into their lives by eating real foods in the best way for them, rather than restricting or avoiding certain foods and beverages. I use evidence-based medical nutrition therapy with my clients and provide the education, guidance, and support needed to reach their goals.


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"Lindsey was great to work with and was truly the key in helping me be successful. Yes, I had to have the desire, but she showed me the way with her knowledge and programs.  You can be told to lose weight, but without a method to do it, you simply will not be successful. And we met virtually, as I live out of state! It was convenient and easy to hold appointments with her. Results of using Lindsey speak for themselves - I lost 23 lbs and 3 inches off my waist line in approximately 14 weeks".         


Alexa Young, CA

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