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Flavors of Fall with Dietitian Lindsey

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

fall meal served in a festive white pumpkin bowl

Fall offers a variety of delicious flavors from caramel apple to pumpkin spice and cinnamon pear. Let's not forget fall foods like squash, root vegetables, and fruits. Acorn, butternut, delicata, and spaghetti squashes. The change of seasons is a gentle reminder to add variety to meals and incorporate seasonal produce. Here are my suggestions for enjoying fall foods in a healthful way.


Acorn, butternut, delicata, spaghetti squash, and pumpkin all make their appearance in the fall. Pick one up next time you are at the grocery or your local farmer's market. They can amp up the visual appeal of your meal by using the squash as a bowl stuffed with sauteed veggies. This works great with acorn squash and small pumpkins. Add pureed squash to soup, and roast it as a side dish or salad topper.

Here are a few of my favorite squash recipes:

Stuffed Acorn Squash Bowl
Download PDF • 116KB

Root vegetables

Carrots, sweet potatoes, and parsnips can be tossed with olive oil and roasted on a sheet pan. It brings out their natural flavors by caramelization. Adding fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme or sage adds to the flavor and provides a delicious aroma!

This is how I roast vegetables:

Roasted Vegetables
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Fall fruits

Apples, grapes, pears, and pomegranates make healthy sweet treats. They are delicious in their natural fresh form, make excellent salad toppers, and can be used as a side dish, or as a dessert.

Fresh grapes, slices of apples, and pears go well with nut butter, caramel, or thinly sliced cheese. Keep sliced apples and pears from oxidizing (turning brown) by soaking them in lemon water for 5 minutes after slicing. Make lemon water by mixing 1 Tbsp of lemon juice in 1 cup of water.

For a warm treat simmer apples or pears on the stove. Not only does it taste amazing, but you will love the aroma too!

Cinnamon Apples
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Happy Fall!

Dietitian Lindsey

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